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Ecologically friendly veld management: New book, 'Karoo Veld' makes sense of science for Karoo farmers.

“Biotechnology, Agriculture, and Food Security in Southern Africa”

Field Guide to Rocks and Minerals of Southern Africa

"Bain's Kloof Pass: Gateway to the North"

NEW DrugSportFolio© 2003 - the essential, easy to use, working reference of up-to-date information on PROHIBITED, RESTRICTED & PERMITTED substances and related practices in sport in South Africa.

Virtuoso or misfit? A first-hand report about the hidden world of Asperger Syndrome

Where Is Everybody? A new book gives intriguing answers to the question of extraterrestrials

Making the Most of Indigenous Trees

Poisonous Plants of South Africa

Working With Wonder 'A Handbook for Holistic Education in Natural Sciences'

Lives in the hives: the little book of bees

The spider guide of Southern Africa

Baboon and trapdoor spiders of southern africa: an identification manual

Solving the riddle of the Earth's composition
Our planet in a nutshell: The Little Book of Planet Earth

Multicultural space travel
The Continuing Story of the International Space Station

The Little Book of Time. Time zones: past, present, and future
A new book on the phenomenon of time published by Springer

Between dream, space and reality: Apollo - The Lost and Forgotten Missions just published by Springer-Verlag

Earth-shaking phenomena: For the lay reader: An introduction to earthquakes and volcanoes.

Ecoforum magazine (Kenya)- focus on practical, innovative solutions to the region's environmental challenges.

A comprehensive account of South Africa's participation in the 42nd
International Mathematical Olympiad has just been published. SOUTH AFRICA AND THE 42nd IMO is a rich source of challenging problems. 

Drip Irrigation - Extension Manual is now available

  A must for Educators: Sasol Science and Technology Resource - A dictionary of Science

Drug Sport Folio, 3rd edition. The essential working reference of up-to-date information on prohibited, restricted and permitted substances and related practices in sport in South Africa. For purchasing info, enter here.

What are the real risks? A book for the concerned citizen: Chemical and Biological Warfare by Eric Croddy. Also read an interview with the author.

The power of genes - The Intelligent Genome by Adolph Heschl

Our place in nature - Where do we Come From? by Jan Klein and Naoyuki Takahata

Distant Wanderers - The Search for Planets beyond the Solar System 2002

Man, Medicine and Space - Michael Martin-Smith

  Dairy Herd Improvement for South Africa

  Archimedes and EasyScience - popular youth science magazines


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